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한국 축구 블로그


Hello to all,

My name is Seamus, and this is my blog, a blog for everything to do with Korean football. Korea has been a big part of my life for many years now, beginning when I was not much more than ten years old and I began learning the Korean martial art, Taekwondo. Since then my interest has grown, leading me to spend time living in Korea, and studying for a degree in Korean Studies, in my home country of Britain.

I love living in Korea, I find it to be exciting, fresh (no matter how much time I spend there), unique, sometimes frustrating, but generally very rewarding. I have also gained a new appreciation for football in the last few years, and spending time with lots of Koreans has only helped this! I know so many football-mad people, and I once again play football regularly.

There are many brilliant blogs about Korea, some of which I’m sure you will also be aware of, and there are also some excellent football-related blogs, but there are clearly not too many good blogs about Korean football. I hope that with this blog I can give non-Korean football fans a taste of the passion for football in Korea, and keep them informed of the latest developments in South Korean football. I’m also keen for Korean football fans to come here to share their passion and enjoyment of the beautiful game, and to engage with football fans with some common ground from other countries.

I hope that you will enjoy reading and contributing to this blog, please do contact me, comment and add your views and opinions!



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